Gems and Jewels Appraisal Services 

Bryana Lavery, GIA Graduate Gemologist


Quotes Couldn't be happier with Bryana's service! With recent news pieces about the retail location we purchased my engagement ring, it had me a bit curious. However, Bryana did a great job with my appraisal and I was way more pleased than I thought I would be. Though I am out of town, if I ever have any jewelry to appraise in the future I will try to use her again! Quotes
Danielle Johnson
Danielle J

Quotes Bryana did a outstanding job of appraising a Gent's Ring for us. She was very detailed and explained everything she was doing. I would highly recommend Bryanna to anyone needing items appraised. Quotes
Mark G

Quotes Bryana- Thank you so much. These appraisals are fantastic and in great detail. I appreciate them very much. You are very talented and I am so pleased. Quotes
Jeanne K

Quotes Bryana does a fantastic job on appraisals. She is super easy to work with and flexible which is always nice. Her work is really accurate and detailed. Quotes
Sarah F.