Gems and Jewels Appraisal Services 



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in the appraisal?

    Clients will receive a full descriptive document complete with their name and address, date of inspection and a close-up detailed color photograph of each piece of jewelry.  The body of the appraisal includes a detailed description of the piece(s), including relevant weights and measurements. The result is a complete, comprehensive valuation, presented in an clear, accessible format.

  2. How is value determined?

    First, I take measurements to estimate the stone weight (if mounted) and gauge the dimensions within the limitations imposed by the mounting.  I carefully measure each mounted stone with gem instruments and use accepted mathematical formulas to estimate their weight. Under ideal conditions, I can determine the weight of a gem exactly. Other times, I will be close (that is, within accepted tolerances). If you have a GIA, AGS, or other lab certificate, or if you have a store receipt, I will want to see it so please bring it along. I will verify that the stone matches the certificate. In many cases, the certificate is cited in the finished appraisal and can add value to your stone.  Elements such as cut, color, and clarity grading affect value. Finally, I consult industry standard pricing guides, specifically the bi-monthly issued The Guide and The Rappaport Diamond Report, and other resources which assist in determining current market value based on the gems, their mountings and relevant provenance.

  3. How often should I have my jewelry appraised?

    With the market appreciating to the extent that it has in the last decade, it is advised to have fine jewelry appraised every two to three years, particularly for insurance coverage. The value of gemstones and precious metals will change significantly over time. It is important to keep insurance coverage up to date to ensure the appropriate replacement value in the event of loss.

  4. Can I wait and watch the appraisal?

    Absolutely! The pieces never have to leave your sight. I am available to perform the appraisals in your office or home. At all times you can be present to observe the examination process. Your personal information and the content of your appraisal will always be kept confidential.

  5. What types of items do you appraise?

    I appraise all fine jewelry, watches, diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls and antique jewelry. I also provide gem identifications.

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