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Why get an appraisal?

"Why do I need to get my jewelry appraised?" or "Why do I need to update my appraisal if I already have one?"  I hear these two questions every day!  

What most people don't realize is the value of your jewelry changes everyday.  Just like the stock market, diamonds, gemstones and metals, like gold and platinum, have a "market" as well which fluctuates daily.  This means that the value of your engagement ring may only change a few cents from day to day, but over the years the value can change dramatically!  

Over the past 13 years the value of an ounce of gold has skyrocketed.  In May 2002 one ounce of gold was worth $300.  Last year it was worth $1300. Today, that same ounce of gold is worth $2000.  Think about what that could mean for the value of your engagement ring that you've had for those 13 years.  It's worth up to 5 times more than it was when you bought it!  

Not only is your jewelry worth more than you thought, insurance companies suggest updating your appraisals every 2-3 years for this very reason.  Did you know that your homeowners or renters insurance rarely will cover the full value of your fine jewelry in the event of theft or loss?  Depending on your deductible, you may not get anything at all!  The only way to get the most money back in the event of a theft or loss is to have a current, updated appraisal.  That's where I come in! So go, run!  Update those appraisals!!!  :-)

-- Bryana


Bryana Lavery Good is a GIA Graduate Gemologist located in Nashville, TN, a member of the G.I.A. Alumni Association, the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the GIA Alumni Association and a third generation in the Jewelry Industry. She has a broad knowledge of contemporary jewelry, diamonds and colored gemstones with a specialty in Antique Jewelry ranging in period from the 1800s through the 1940s.  

Bryana has been in the retail jewelry business since 2007 as a salesperson, buyer, designer and appraiser.  She graduated from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina with a B.A. in Political Science and earned the Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America in 2011.  Since 2011, she has worked full time as an independent jewelry appraiser.  Bryana is market-experienced in appraisals for insurance agencies, attorneys, banks, fine auction houses and individuals.  

I am an independent appraiser and do not buy or sell jewelry, gems, diamonds or gold.

Rings on Display

Clients can be assured that jewelry appraisals will be evaluated accurately, fairly, and professionally. Bryana combines ethics, education and experience to produce appraisals containing the right kind of value conclusions for each client's needs.  Clients will receive a full descriptive document and a close-up detailed color photograph of each piece of jewelry.  The result is a complete, comprehensive valuation, presented in an clear, accessible format.

I appraise diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls and antique jewelry. I also provide gem identifications. 

Types of Appraisal offered by appointment:

Jewelry Appraisals 

Watch Appraisals 

Antique & Estate Appraisals 

Stone Identification 



Blinding Diamonds

Written appraisals contain a complete description of all components, grading to standards established by GIA, digital color photographs, full explanation of grading systems used and an original signed PDF copy for your needs.

Each appraisal is charged at the same rate, regardless of the type, complexity or value of the item.

Bryana will come to your home or office for the appraisal and takes notes and photographs.  She then returns to her home office to work on the valuation of the appraisal in order to take as little of your time as possible.  Later that day you will immediately receive a PDF file of the appraisal, which you can print or email directly to your insurance company. 

Appraisals - $90 per piece

Each appraisal is charged at the same rate, regardless of the type, complexity or value of the piece.

Updates to previously issued appraisals - $45 each

Wedding Bands



What’s included with your appraisal?

Clients will receive a full descriptive document complete with their name and address, date of inspection and a close-up detailed color photograph of each piece of jewelry.  The body of the appraisal includes a detailed description of the piece(s), including relevant weights and measurements. The result is a complete, comprehensive valuation, presented in an clear, accessible format.

How is value determined?

First, I take measurements to estimate the stone weight (if mounted) and gauge the dimensions within the limitations imposed by the mounting.  I carefully measure each mounted stone with gem instruments and use accepted mathematical formulas to estimate their weight. Under ideal conditions, I can determine the weight of a gem exactly. Other times, I will be close (that is, within accepted tolerances). If you have a GIA, AGS, or other lab certificate, or if you have a store receipt, I will want to see it so please bring it along. I will verify that the stone matches the certificate. In many cases, the certificate is cited in the finished appraisal and can add value to your stone.  Elements such as cut, color, and clarity grading affect value. Finally, I consult industry standard pricing guides, specifically the bi-monthly issued The Guide and The Rappaport Diamond Report, and other resources which assist in determining current market value based on the gems, their mountings and relevant provenance.

How often should I have my jewelry appraised?

With the market appreciating to the extent that it has in the last decade, it is advised to have fine jewelry appraised every two to three years, particularly for insurance coverage. The value of gemstones and precious metals will change significantly over time. It is important to keep insurance coverage up to date to ensure the appropriate replacement value in the event of loss.

Can I wait and watch the appraisal?

Absolutely! The pieces never have to leave your sight. I am available to perform the appraisals in your office or home. At all times you can be present to observe the examination process. Your personal information and the content of your appraisal will always be kept confidential.


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